How To Do Natural Stage Makeup

Hi guys so I haven’t posted in like 4 months omg my schedule has been very crazy and hectic I have had 3 different shows and performances in the past few months and my schedule has been crazy. Tonight is my second night of performing for a show about Medusa aptly titled that because it is about the stories of Medusa.

So, I was gathering my things so I can just grab my stuff and run to the theatre but now my schedule cleared up so I can write this. But now lets get to the point. So I was gathering my makeup and I got the inspiration to do a tutorial on natural stage makeup. I feel like if you are asked to do your own makeup its supposed to be natural unless specified. While you should take the advice from this post don’t forget to ask your director or stage manager about makeup. My friends always ask me how they should do there makeup so this is what I tell them:

Tip #1: You don’t have to use the best make up to get FLAWLESS stage makeup

What you will need:


Concealer and Foundation (optional




Highlight and Contour (optional, I don’t use this) actually I don’t have any of that stuff

What I Use:

I use the Bobby Brown Eye Brightening Concealer in Light Bisque

The love&beauty Natural Eyeshadow 12pt.

Mirabella Lipstick in the shade Fateful

Ulta Just Rosey Blush

Urban Decays Primer Potion

Ulta Powder (I don’t know the name)

Last but not least the Bobby Brown Extreme Party Mascara in Black

How I do my makeup:

First off I conceal my under eyes and any spots or pimples I have

Next put powder all over my face especially my forehead or any spots where a lot of light will be shining on my face.

Then I prime my eyelids with the primer potion

Next I grab a champanhe shade eyeshadow and put it all over my lid. Then I take a medium brown and put it in my crease. After I grab a light nude color and put it in my inner corner.

After I put on 2-3 coats of mascara

Then I put on blush in the apples of my cheeks remember the saying less is more doesn’t apply for stage makeup because if you don’t have enough blush you will look washed out.

Finally I put on my Mirabella Lipstick

And i’m done!! And I put all my stuff back in my bag for touchups.

I hope you enjoyed this post even though it was quite rushed. I will try to start posting every Monday or Tuesday but I can’t guaranty. Comment below what kind of summer themed posts you would like I think I’m going to make every other post acting related.

Going offline xxx, Sam