Hello World!!

I’ve decided to start a blog! This blog!

What about you may ask?

Well I’m going to be writing a lifestyle blog that will consist of acting tidbits, beauty fashion and hair related things, dance, diys, product reviews and really anything I want it too be about.

Who are you?

Well my name is Samantha but I may refer to myself as Sam. I am a student at a school where I’m learning spanish and mandarin along side my regular classes. I love and have a passion for dance and acting. I’m relatively new to beauty but I’m learning.

Why did I start a blog?

I wanted to start a blog to express my self and show people my passions. Also since we just started a new year 2016 I would do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time which is start a blog. For privacy’s sake if I am talking about someone in a story I’m telling or a post I am not going to use the persons really name I will just make up a fake name.

Going Offline, xxx

First blog post


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