The rehearsals are Finally Over (and how to survive a performance)

Hi guys! I’m back again because I don’t have anything else to do and I’ve already been bugging my friends all week about my upcoming performances. And I’ve got plenty of eye rolls after the first few days. So I thought I would share it with the lovely people reading this (if there are any).

I figured I would revise over the “steps” I take the day of the performance. So here they are:

Here are Ten  Steps of How to prepare before a Performance:

At Home

Step 1: Revise over your script, lyrics and dance (if you have those in your performance)

Basically this step is pretty self explanatory. All you need to do is look over your lines and make sure they are memorized. If you have a dance in your show do the moves without the music so you have to use counts and this is extra useful for you and your cast just in case the music doesn’t start.

Step 2: Look over your directors notes

If you don’t have a physical copy of the notes try to remember what the director wanted you to work on. Also take into consideration other feedback from directors. But don’t listen to your cast makes if they are trying to be the director because that could turn into a big mess. If they are reminding you of a piece of blocking thats fine.

Step 3: Drink LOTS of Tea

I know this might sound cliche but it really works. I suggest a tea that you normally drink. Some of my favorite are  camomile and earl gray teas with around a tablespoon and a half of honey. If you only own loose leaf tea I suggest getting a water bottle with a built in steeper. All you do is put hot water in the water bottle and put the loose leaf tea in the steeper and let it sit for 5- 7 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea.

Step 4: Make sure you bring all necessary supplies.

You don’t want to be running around the theatre seeing if people have a extra pair of shoes or leggings. I suggest that you come to the theatre in any of the clothes you are supposed to be bringing like pants. Wear a comfy pair of shoes and bring the shoes you will be wearing in a separate bag. Also don’t forget to bring your script any hair tools and or makeup you may need to bring. If they are doing your makeup at the theatre I suggest you bring extra makeup just incase you have to do it yourself.

Step 5: Get a pump up playlist to listen to in the car.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. Thanks to pinterest I now use this tip religiously. Some of the songs I recommend are:

  1. Gold- Kiira
  2. Lush Life- Zara Larsson
  3. Stressed Out- Twenty One Pilots
  4. Heres to Never Growing Up- Avril Lavine
  5. Dessert- Dawin
  6. Something About You- Hayden James
  7. Cant Sleep Love- Pentatonix (by the way i’m in love with Pentatonix!!!)
  8. Here For You-Kygo, Ella Henderson
  9. I Don’t Like It I Love It- Flo Rida, Robin Thicke
  10. New America- Halsey
  11. Black Magic -Little Mix
  12. Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It)- Beyonce
  13. Worth It- Fifth Harmony and Kid Ink
  14. Toxic-  Britney Spears
  15. Ex’s & Oh’s- Elle King
  16. Pity Party- Melanie Martinez

Those are some of the song that I listen to in the car before getting to the Theatre they mostly just came from my spottily playlist.

Once I get to the theatre:

Step 6: Organize your dressing room

By that I don’t mean clean every thing I just mean make sure all your stuff is in a neat pile and make sure you don’t leave your clothes on the floor and especially your costume that is such a no no. Also make sure you know where your phone is I’ve made the mistake many times and i’ve spent plenty of times going on a phone hunt for my friends and it really sucks when the director asks what your doing. And then they get pissed at the whole cast and we have to go through the keep your stuff in order talk again.

Step 7: If you need help ask for it especially with costumes.

In my show all the girls in the cast have to wear these really tight dresses with a tutu under it. We have a little thing thats almost like a mic that connected to your dress with a clip that turn the lights on the dresses on and off and mine was not so secure at dress rehearsal and it fell of so I tried to clip it back and on and the clip broke of and it was dangling off my dress for the whole show. So if something is going on with your costume ask for help because it might just mess up the whole show. Lol

Step 8: Rehearse the show backstage quietly

Go over the parts that are rough or need to be rehearsed quietly and do a speed through. Make sure your talking super quietly because the house might be open an people are taking there seats. And if they hear talking from backstage that seems really unprofessional.

Step 9: Get the whole cast in a circle and have every one hold hands and one person will squeeze someones and and so on a so fourth.

Step 10: HAVE FUN

All you hard work have paid of and now its the casts time to shine. Just relax and remember to stay calm. Think about your line before you say it so you know what to say and you won’t mess up. But brush it off if you mess up it doesn’t matter I bet everyone made at least one mistake if its saying the wrong line or saying the line at a wrong its ok.


Heres a sneak peak of my show:
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Hello World!!

I’ve decided to start a blog! This blog!

What about you may ask?

Well I’m going to be writing a lifestyle blog that will consist of acting tidbits, beauty fashion and hair related things, dance, diys, product reviews and really anything I want it too be about.

Who are you?

Well my name is Samantha but I may refer to myself as Sam. I am a student at a school where I’m learning spanish and mandarin along side my regular classes. I love and have a passion for dance and acting. I’m relatively new to beauty but I’m learning.

Why did I start a blog?

I wanted to start a blog to express my self and show people my passions. Also since we just started a new year 2016 I would do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time which is start a blog. For privacy’s sake if I am talking about someone in a story I’m telling or a post I am not going to use the persons really name I will just make up a fake name.

Going Offline, xxx

First blog post